7th January 2009

Green measures can help small firms cope with the downturn

More and more small businesses are implementing environment friendly policies, a new survey has...

6th January 2009

Small business borrowing still under pressure

Small businesses are continuing to find it difficult to secure lending, a survey from the Bank...

6th January 2009

Fall in the pound could put euro back on the agenda

The reputation of the euro among the UK’s small business community has risen on the back of the...

5th January 2009

Employers urged to retain staff

Businesses should look to hold on to their staff if at all possible during the downturn.

5th January 2009

Small firms struggling to offer 'adequate' pension provision

A new survey has revealed that 90 per cent of defined benefit pension schemes run by small firms...

2nd January 2009

Help with online tax return filing problems

People who encounter problems when attempting to submit their 31 January tax returns online have...